volleyball ocean style

Ocean score bug Style for Volleyball

New FREE Graphic style for Volleyball scoreboard

Ocean is a brand new style for your Volleyball scoreboard. Use it for FREE whenever you want to customize your score bug.

ocean style score bug
ATTENTION: this style only applies to the Volleyball scoreboard

is a Powerful, Flexible and Customizable Score bug for Sport Live Stream and video production. Try Flexyscore for free!

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  • Length from 1 to 20 characters
  • Team jersey colors
  • Show / hide the ball change label

See in action:

This is an example: the video portrays the CEV Champions League final between Imoco Conegliano and VakifBank ISTANBUL, The scoreboard was applied as an example.

How to use Ocean Style:

Import main CSS into your broadcasting software via the @import url (…); function. Then manage the colors and display of the ball change label.

(put the following code into the “Custom CSS” of browser properties)

@import url(https://www.live.flexyscore.net/style/oceanvolley.css);

/*- colors can be exadecimal code, rgb code or keywords -*/
.boxhometeam {border-color:darkorange;}
.boxawayteam {border-color:crimson;}

/*- change ball label -*/
.boxservice {display:block or none;}


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