“Cremona style” New free Basketball template

A new Basketball Scoreboard layout, free for all.

Cremona is our city, here we grew up and here we learned to love sport. The design of this scoreboard is dedicated to its colors and its great sporting tradition.

A slightly unconventional scoreboard, very compact, but complete with all the information of the game. This layout is designed to contain 3 letter team names (if you enter more you may not get the desired result).

is a Powerful, Flexible and Customizable Score bug for Sport Live Stream and video production. Try Flexyscore for free!

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Enter the following code in the “Custom CSS” field of OBS (or that of your software).

@import url(https://www.live.flexyscore.net/style/cremonastyle.css);

boxhometeam:before {
   background: url(--enter URL of home team logo--);

.boxawayteam:before { 
   background:url(--enter URL of away team logo--);


The first line of the code @import url (….); import layout.
the subsequent classes (.boxhometeam and .boxawayteam) define the logo of the two teams, you will have to replace the placeholders with the URL of the logos.

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