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Combat sports debut on Flexyscore

Flexyscore expands with a new category of sport. We are happy to announce the Boxing Scoreboard.

These days Flexyscore made its debut in the new Boxing Scoreboard. After so many team sports, combat sports also become part of the Flexyscore family.

Boxing, Kick Boxing, MMA, Savate, Muay, Sanda and many other fighting disciplines now have a dedicated and easy to use score bug. With Flexyscore you can manage fighter names, colors, timers and rounds.

The match between Christian Gasparri and Viktor Conopliov is an example: the original video was broadcast on the channel

Create and manage the scoreboard: Log In into Flexyscore and from menu create a new “Boxe” scoreboard. On the next screen enter the names of the fighters and click “insert”. Now you can manage the color of the fighters, the rounds, the timer (by default it starts from 3:00 minutes but you can set a different time). You will also find the match number, which is useful if you have multiple matches scheduled.

Boxing large screenshot
Boxing console screenshot

Also you can manage scoreboards from your smartphone or tablet, so you will have more freedom of movement

Boxing console on smartphone

Boxing dark style

Together with the new scoreboard Flexyscore provides the first custom template, as always free for everyone.

Boxing scoreboard dark style

HOW to use the Dark Style:

Import CSS into your broadcasting software via the @import url (…); function. Copy and paste the following code into the “Custom CSS” of browser properties

@import url(;

Boxyng OBS browser properties

is a Powerful, Flexible and Customizable Score bug for Sport Live Stream and video production. Try Flexyscore for free!

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